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Horse Riding in Naxos Island, Greece

Naxos horse club organizes quality horse riding on the sunny island of Naxos in Greece. We offer a professional guide and good, beautiful horses. Naxos horse club is located in the sandy beach of Plaka Naxos.

We offer a wide array of activities

Horse Riding Lessons

Relax and trust us. The experienced instructor/trainer with his assistant know the way to enjoy the ride with no risk. Our horses are trained and human friendly. The ride is taking place through the beaches in the south part of the island and through the rural areas. The ride lasts 1-2 hours and during the ride there is a panoramic view of the town and of the area of Mikri Vigla. Feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy the ride and the view of Naxos island.

Beach & Countryside Horse Riding

Naxos is an amazing island full of mounds and hills, solid germination and fantastic beaches. In one of the most famous beaches , in Plaka is taking place the horse trekking. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset while you will ride by the aquamarine of the sea. The alternative ride is taking place through the countryside of Naxos island passing through the fields and enjoying the view of Orkos area and the view of Naxos town.